Pretty Little Liars
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Bryce Johnson

I tried watching this but gave up. I guess it’s aimed at a younger crowd – I’m 44. I turned off just after the scene where one of the girls at the bar is hit on by a bloke (teacher by profession). Their dialogue was awful and the acting even worse. All eyes rolling, lips pouting and innuendos. Do Americans really speak like that? Who watches this rubbish? I thought it might be an interesting show to watch with intrigue etc – how wrong was I? It came across as really low budget with really cheaply paid actors who couldn’t act. I thought, looking at the cover, that it might be a younger version of Desperate Housewives – it really wasn’t! Desp Housewives is leagues above this awful show. But then, as I said earlier, I’m 44. Perhaps a younger person would enjoy listening to the whiney voiced teenagers who can’t act… can’t see that myself but you never know!